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Legal Practice

We develop intelligent legal strategies by integrating multiple areas of law to resolve complex and challenging cases. Our lawyers bring together diverse specialties and work closely with clients to find effective and exceptional solutions.

Intellectual Property


We assist companies in intellectual property matters across various sectors of the economy. Our services help clients protect business assets such as trademarks, copyrights, and domain names. We handle trademark and patent registration applications before the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), including prior searches and oppositions to prevent the granting of third-party patents.

Additionally, we draft contracts for the assignment and transfer of assets protected by the Industrial Property Law. We excel in judicial proceedings related to counterfeiting, piracy, declaratory actions of nullity, and the adjudication of trademarks and patents.

Succession and Family


We assist individuals in family and succession matters by preventing disputes, facilitating consensus agreements, and drafting stable union agreements, wills, inventories, and extrajudicial divorces. We also handle judicial actions such as inventories, recognition of stable unions, contested divorces, dissolution of stable unions, and interdiction processes.



In the field of litigation, we handle some of the largest disputes in the country, and our favorable results are the most compelling reason for the firm's rapid growth and respectability in the market. We primarily focus on the courts of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where our largest clients are located, but we also operate in all Brazilian states, always with excellence. Our litigation team specializes not only in corporate and civil litigation but also in conflict prevention, negotiations, and arbitration procedures.

Business Law

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The law firm is regularly hired on a continuous basis to provide preventive legal representation for companies and entrepreneurs. Our services include legal consultancy, developing legal strategies, representing clients in negotiations with counterparts, and analyzing and drafting contracts to ensure legal security and success in our clients' businesses.

Additionally, we excel in civil and business litigation, addressing issues related to the validity of legal transactions, fulfillment of obligations, contracts and negotiable instruments, civil liability of suppliers and manufacturers, possessory rights, joint ownership of assets of any nature, and corporate conflicts.

Media and Entertainment

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We operate in the media and entertainment industry in a multidisciplinary manner.

We represent artists and celebrities in judicial and extrajudicial disputes related to the violation of image rights and other personality rights in general, as well as combatting fake news.

We assist authors, artists, publishers, agencies, and producers in drafting and analyzing contracts for productions in television, cinema, theater, and fine arts.



Our approach to tax law is multidisciplinary, integrating various areas of the firm's practice to provide agile and personalized service for our clients. With specialists in the field, the firm leverages procedural and operational solutions to achieve more efficient, objective, and intelligent results. Consequently, our strong presence in tax litigation has been particularly notable in recent years.

In addition to emphasizing our work in this area, we also focus on alternative forms of conflict resolution (such as installment agreements and tax settlements) and the management of tax risks and liabilities. The firm maintains a strong presence in tax theses, staying attentive to the most current issues and client demands.

Beyond preventive and strategic practice, we defend our clients in all judicial instances nationwide, including the Higher Courts.

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