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Photograph: Jorge Bispo

Zonenschein Advocacia is a boutique law firm specializing in strategic litigation, credit recovery, intellectual property, and tax law. Our mission is to ensure efficient and agile legal practice, contributing to the success and legal security of our clients and their businesses. With offices in the prestigious neighborhoods of Leblon in Rio de Janeiro and Itaim Bibi in São Paulo, Zonenschein Advocacia, led by Mariana Zonenschein and a team of 12 dedicated lawyers, provides personalized attention to each case, ensuring relevance for every client.

Efficient and Swift Legal Practice


RIO DE JANEIRO     Leblon      Avenida Niemeyer 2, 106     Zip Code 22450-220     Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil     +55 21 40420070

SÃO PAULO     Itaim     Rua Professor Atilio Innocenti 165, 5º andar     Zip Code 4538-000     São Paulo, SP Brazil     +55 11 30422888

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