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Photograph: Jorge Bispo

Mariana Zonenschein

Mariana Zonenschein is a lawyer with an established career in strategic civil litigation, handling high-profile cases involving significant subjects and values. She is registered with the Bar Associations of Rio de Janeiro (OAB/RJ), São Paulo (OAB/SP), and Portugal (OA).

As a member of the Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Entertainment Rights Commission of OAB/RJ, she was nominated for the Women in Business Law 2023 awards in the "Media and Entertainment" category, and for Best Lawyers 2024.

She represents medium and large-sized companies across various economic sectors, including steel, financial, entertainment, fashion, services, and consumer goods, as well as artists and cultural and social institutions.

A specialist in Business Law and Intellectual Property, she is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Business Law at FGV/SP. The founding partner of Zonenschein Advocacia, she leads the advisory and strategic civil litigation department, handling disputes related to Civil Law, including contractual and non-contractual issues, credit recovery, succession law, and Intellectual Property Law.

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